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Humanized > Enso Beta Products
Beta Products

Enso Beta Products are sets of useful commands that we make available for free. Why Beta? Because they’re still works in progress. Beta products are a chance to see Enso mid-thought, so they’ll have unfinished corners. That’s where you come in: new features and new products will be determined largely by you! By letting us know which betas you like, which you find useful, and which features you’d like to see, we’ll know what to work on.

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Enso 2.0 Launcher Prototype v0.1.1

Learn more »

A prototype of the direction we are thinking of taking Launcher in particular, and Enso in general.

Free for PC (Win2K, XP, Vista)

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Enso Developer Prototype v0.1.1

Learn more »

Lets developers write their own Enso commands.

Free for PC (Win2K, XP, Vista)

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Enso Map Anywhere v0.1

Learn more »

Easily add maps to your documents and emails, and look up phone numbers and addresses.

Free for PC (Win2K, XP, Vista)

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Enso Media Remote Control v0.2

Learn more »

A remote-control for your music: Play, pause, and skip tracks in your favorite music player from any application.

Free for PC (Win2K, XP, Vista)

Get All Enso Beta Products

Can't decide which beta product you want to try first? Gotta try 'em all.

Free for PC (Win2K, XP, Vista)

Have a Product Suggestion?

Talk it up »

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Enso Web Search Anywhere v0.1

Learn more »

Provides commands for performing web searches using a variety of web services, from Amazon to Youtube to your Gmail account.

Free for PC (Win2K, XP, Vista)

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Enso Translate Anywhere v0.1.1

Learn more »

The power to translate English to and from eight other languages. In any application.

Free for PC (Win2K, XP, Vista)

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Enso TeX Anywhere v0.1

Learn more »

Effortlessly render TEX markup into beautifully type-set equations (and convert them back again) everywhere from Powerpoint to Gmail.

Free for PC (Win2K, XP, Vista)

Help Us Improve

We need your help in making Enso Beta Products better.
Let us know what you find useful, what you find annoying, and what new things you'd like to see. Please read other people's comments, or leave your own.


208 Voices Add yours below.

What happened to all of our comments?

Some ideas for new commands:
1. Create Outlook appointments using natural language (similar to Google calendar). Also create tasks in the same manner.
2. Create Google calendar entries from anywhere.
3. Send SMS via something

> What happened to all of our comments?

Looks like the comments moved to the ‘Enso TeX’ comments area. Go figure.

I would really like to be able to make my own aliases so i could type in two letters to automatically open my documents or something.

Sorry about the comments — we had a system hiccup. Everything should be working now.

I think it was said before, but an Enso alarm would be a great, but not too difficult feature to implement.

Sometimes you want to put a 30 minutes alarm to remind you when you gotta go move the laundry into the drawer, or want to make sure you get going at 7:40 to make the train on time.

Calc command ignores formatting in MS Word 2003 for some reason. ou select bold numbers, run calc command and result comes back in default font.

Sometimes it is required to calculate sum of numbers writen in a column of table in MS Word 2003. It would be great if ENSO could calculate that also.

Currency conversion

It would be nice if ENSO could provide analog of google’s “100 USD IN EUR” command.

If I could select a number and type “EUR in USD” command.

Or select “100 USD” in text and just type “EUR”

I have concocted a reasoning to user made aliases. Especially with the translate function, I don’t want to have to write “translate to Spanish” for example, and even worse. it automatically comes up with “translate from”. So at the very least I would have to hold Ca[s Lock, press t, press tab to autofill the rest of the word, hit backspace four times, type to s. And then it translates the word/s into Spanish. The whole point of Enso is so it wouldn’t be faster to go to a translation site and translate it there. I would much rather be able to make an alias “tts” (translate to Spanish) than go through that. So please Enso team, at lest consider the idea.

Other than that though, I really can’t think of anything. Keep up the good work.

Eric makes a good point. With this beta we see several multi-word command introduced. Rather than simple commands like “close,” we have Translate To, Translate From, Google Define, and Google Map.

My suggestion is to make these truly multi-part commands by making text-completion smarter. “Google-define” should be re-implemented to follow the “Translate from” model. (That is, the words are separated by a space, not a dash.)

goo[Enter] — this complete to “google”
goo[Enter]d — this competes to “google define”
tr[Enter]f[Enter]f — this completes to “translate from French”

Six keystroke to translate from French. I say that’s good, given the many choices translate provides.

Aliases mean less keystrokes but they come at a cost. They mean preference and customization. Those lead to unpredictability, complexity, and installation setup requirements.

just a quick thought, most media players have a library, (or the songs etc are stored in known places)

it would be good if I could type ‘Play song name’ and like the open command it displayed things in my library.

I listen to a lot of books and podcasts on my pc, so being able to type the name of a book instead of having to open the media library and finding it would be great.

This is a very small feature but a show desktop command would be nice and easy to implement.

I really hope to see enso on mac soon, and linux if ever possible. I would also love to see note taking feature of some sort. It would be so useful and a nice addition to enso.

Also a more advanced calculator would be nice too.

And an email and then contact name or email address would be really cool to have for thunderbird or any other email client.

I completely agree with Varsoil on the whole two word thing that would make everything a lot easier.

I can’t wait for enso to evolve. It is my favorite application and the possibility of having it available in all major platforms would definitely be exciting news. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Hi, first of all Congratulations on this great product.

The new additions are great. It’s nice to see Enso’s vocabulary grow, I’m looking forward to see it grow even further.

From the new additions my favorite is translate. I haven’t needed it yet , nor do i think i will soon. But it feels great to know that i have the power to translate “anything” with less than 5 key strokes!.

The volume command is a nice idea. I think you are doing a great thing unifying services.

Controlling volume can be surprisingly difficult now a days. There is no unified volume interface, players, operating systems and even speakers have them. Its horrible!!.
There are things that i find are missing from the volume command:
The First one is mute. Please why didn’t you add this? volume 0 is not the same as mute, really!
The second one is the ability to increases or decrease the volume while holding on the volume command and using the left and right key board arrows.

Volume levels depend greatly on what your listening , and i find it hard to successfully grade it from 1 to 10. Its taking me longer to use Enso to change volume than the UI, and i think that that the second suggestion would fix that.

I completely agree with Henry an alarm would be a GREAT command!!. I can already see myself using it.

Enso is a great app- I’m very impressed by it. I like the Web Search addon.

An additional feature I’d like to see is integration with IM clients. For example, ’send message to friendsName’ — to open a message window addressed to a specific friend. Or, ’send link to friendsName’ to send a highlighted url to a specific friend.

I would like to see a ‘time’ and a ‘date’ command which simply display the current time/date as a transparent message.

Building on the time and date command ideas, it would be very useful to have an ‘insert’ command, where you can insert the current time/date/month/year/etc. This would also work with the put command when you aren’t in a situation where text is able to be input.

A time zone conversion function would be great. Provide a time or time date along with a from and to timezone by major city. For example 11:25PM chicago to amsterdam.

BTW, Enso is simply incredible, thanks for the great work!

Feature request: screen capture plugin

Commands that allow you to take a screenshot of the active window (and full screen), and then ability to “put” this somewhere.

“get color” (or something similar) would be a great feature. Where ever you have your mouse, it would get a hexadecimal color code and place it into your clipboard.

I think my most wanted feature, besides unicode support of course, is the ability to have a keyboard mode that falls somewhere between the current quasimodal and sticky mode.

What I mean by this is that I’d love to be able to set a short delay between the time when I release caps-lock and the command executes. My reason is that currently it’s to easy for your finger to slightly slip off the caps-lock key before you are done, especially when typing longer commands.

Implementing a (customizable) behavior such as the one I’m describing above would give you just enough time to hit caps again and correct your mistake, and not be forced to start over again. In my opinion, this would greatly improve the usability of Enso.

Another thing I think really needs to be done, and done quick, is for Enso to start listing your most frequently launched applications first, and not just sort them alphabetically. For instance, I never launch Wordpad, but I frequently launch Microsoft Word. As such, it is useless for Enso to list Wordpad as the first choice when it should have learned that this is most often not what I am looking for.

This behaviour is default for just about every application launcher out there, and for a good reason :)

Here are my unsolicited responses to Øyvind:
Debouncing the CapsLock:
I agree that debouncing the CapsLock-release is a good idea. It need not be customizable. The interval needs to be long enough to correct for errors, but short enough not to affect Enso responsiveness.

Word First:
If you want to give preference to MS Word, do the following:
Search for the Microsoft Office Word shortcut. Select it. Invoke the “Learn as open word” command.
“Word” now appears before “wordpad.”

Auto Learning:
If Enso learns and sorts by frequency of use, it can become disruptive. Learned gestures are no longer reliable, as the order shifts on its own. You would now have to pay closer attention to ensure you are hitting the right command. Unfortunately, the interference with learned gestures can also occur by installing new programs or new Enso commands. G[Enter] used to activate the “go” command. Now it activates the “gmail search” command.

You can implement the ‘Show Desktop’ functionality in Enso by creating a shortcut for it as follows:

Feature request.

A paste function where i can “learn” Enso to paste content using the same key value principle you use to teach enso to open stuff. Please watch the last part of this TED video and you’ll see what mean.

“paste as text”

The current “paste” inserts the picture, the rich text with fonts and links, or the file. “paste as text” pastes just the plain text. In the case of a file in the clipboard, it pastes the absolute path to the file. This would be a great alternative to the hidden Vista command: Shift+RightClick, Copy as Path.

i cant “open” application wich do not have an installer … i just copy some apps where i want them and then link them to the start menu. i could not find a way to use enso to open that programms - any ideas?

0x: You can make shortcuts to your applications in the Enso’s Learn As Open Commands directory in your My Documents (or Documents under Vista) folder.

thanks for the help!

Outlook and other mail/calendar/organizer clients are very commonly used as a part of your overall taskflow. It would be great to have the following commands that interpret to outlook

- Show Calendar
- Show Inbox
- Show Tasks
- New E-mail message
- New Calendar Item

The calendar command could even do further interpretation such as “Open calendar for Dec 24″

Feature request for following enso command:


The unlearn open … Command

“It should be noted, however, that if you unlearn one of Enso’s open commands, the corresponding shortcut is removed from wherever Enso found it;”

When I type “open hu” to go to, my first choice is “open humanized enso.” There are several such commands that I never want to open from within Enso. However I want them to remain in my start menu. There may be a reason to keep them even though I do not use them from Enso. Also, there is no visibility as to what shortcuts have been deleted.

My suggestion:
Instead of deleting shortcuts, add an exclusion list:
Documents\Enso’s Learn As Open Commands\Unlearn Commands\

Enso would behave as if the shortcut had been deleted for all items with a corresponding shortcut here.

Aliases bring unnecessary complexity into the software and destroy our ability to jump from one computer to another and already know exactly what keys to press to get what we want.

With that said, something needs to be done to help ADD folks such as myself (or anyone else who has bad memory). I can’t memorize all of those commands, no matter how simple or common-sensicle they are. And their numbers will only grow.

Therefore, I’d like to suggest a visual “map” that displays the relevant commands when I hold down CapsLock. For example, if I have text highlighted, only show commands that manipulate text. Or, if a file is highlighted, only show commands that can affect files, and so on.

Pie menus would help keep things clean, as well as allow users to stay at their keyboards (arrow keys are well-suited for pie menu navigation).

Just a thought anyway. Thanks for reading :)

I second the request for the time and date commands.

First off, I really dig your guys’ work, not only on Enso, but the site, and all that it has spun off.

“Aliases bring unnecessary complexity into the software and destroy our ability to jump from one computer to another and already know exactly what keys to press to get what we want.”

To be devil’s advocate here, wouldn’t the absence of Enso on another computer be equivalent to the lack of aliases on that same computer?

Naturally, I can see you saying that in a perfect world everyone would have Enso :) But until such a day arrives, maybe we, as designers, need to find a way to incorporate a tolerance for variation between two computers of otherwise identical configuration, such as suggesting completions or possibilities to a user.

Just thinking out loud.


Recently I’ve been playing around with the Developer Prototype. I created an Extension that parses the result of attempting to convert something using Google, and my friends an i love using it. I called it convert.

Another extension i created is called insert and like with the open command i can teach insert to insert text for me. I really think this functionality should be part of your Launch package.

If you would consider adding insert could you please add the possibility of using something like insert to inset the strings that point to an Enso favorite.

Say i taught Enso that “example” should open C:\Example\ and now i would like to insert C:\Example\ somewhere, i would love to be able to do so simply by telling Enso insert example.

Product suggestion: A command that inserts predefined text. For example:

- hard-to-access characters like ™, é, ©
- oft-typed phrases, like an email signature

The product would allow you to setup a dictionary. In other words, it would give you shortcuts/aliases for inserting text.

I think a cool feature would be a command
Highlight word

It would search for the word in a document.

I have a question. Whats superior about ENZO than say voice apps that do the same thing with voice commands? personally, i think saying the command out loud is way easier than holding the CAPS lock (or any other key) which actually restricts one of your hands since you cannot leave the key before finishing the command? and typing something, not to mention you would have to memorize so many command words/combinations of words once the functions keep expanding. however, if ENZO products incorporate voice activation AND typing together, thats another story, that i believe makes the ultimate ‘easy to use system’

What make typing superior to voice? Both are useful. Both techniques will develop and evolve. However, voice will always be more error prone. Voice is ineffective when others are around due to ambient noise.

Voice can also be rude. Consider the cell phone user in a restaurant or in a meeting. Consider Star Trek. Only the captain commanded the computer by voice, and then, only occasionally. Imagine how disruptive it would be if everyone on the bridge chatted with the computer instead of using the control panels. The bridge would seem more like a telemarketing office.

Facundo Bromberg
December 5th, 2007 11:33 am


Facundo Bromberg
December 5th, 2007 11:35 am

Macros/Scripts! (that could be “recorded”)
Something like saving a series of commands with an alias: e.g., open character map, selecting a strange character, copying it into the clipboard and pasting it where you are.

A command that I dearly miss:

“rename open as” -> Could be used to rename for instance “Microsoft Office Outlook 2003″ to just “outlook” (so it would be the first in my list). This way we don’t have to first unlearn the old command and learn it the new one

Aleksander Krynicki
December 21st, 2007 5:38 pm


Haven’t heard anything new here in a while. Anything new to look forward to?

Link Get All Enso Beta Products :
doesn’t match.

Martin Heidegger
January 16th, 2008 7:37 am

I would really like to remove lots of the icons swimming around in windows and other applications. So I would wish to have a application that features:

* Unplug Device X/Y/Z
* Disable/Enable Network connection
* Shutdown/Restart/Sleep/Hibernate the computer.
* Change user
* Change the volume / activate, deactivate speakers … etc.
* Terminate Application (Task manager)
* Execute command in commandline (prefered bash and not windows command line)
* Change the keyboard language and layout/mode (like hiragana/katakana for japanese keyboard)

Furthermore I think of applications to

* Tell all my instant messengers that I am away/shouldn’t be disturbed/invisible
* Open the message field to a contact in instant messanger (in which the person is online) … like

instant father -> opens instant messanger in skype because he is right now online in skype but not in Icq

* Tag and bookmark internet pages, documents

bookmark -> bookmarks current page
tag study->adds the current page to the taggroup study
random study -> shows one random link to the topic “study”
untag study -> untags this page
bookmarks study -> opens a page in current browser(or prefered) with all pages related to study

* Inline I would also see a need (for me) to convert japanese characters to html escaped characters. Like selecting japanese characters and “copy as html encoded”

but thats just my first thoughts.

take care

One of the things that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do is add expenses to my Quicken without having to open the program.

“spent $37.50 on lunch at the paramount”

Gunther Schmidl
January 16th, 2008 2:04 pm

The download link for “all betas” seems to be broken.

I realy would like an alarm funktion where i can enter a time like 8am oder a time frame like 30 minutes

very great programm!

Show an icon related to what you are typing:


the open command showing an icon of the application you are about to run
show the icon of the beta program unless they give another icon to display for that command
show the icon of the browser for browser-related commands

Have the ability to make quick notes:

example note command:
note her favorite color is red

ideas of where to save the note:
- internally until list is brought up with the ‘notes’ command
- on the desktop as the name with a type-less file (’her favorite color is red’ will be the filename)
- as a widget, if its headed in that dircetion
- appended to some document
- programmable to pipe anywhere

Scheduling, alarm, and calendar commands

Can make a new alarm with commands:
alarm 10 min
alarm 2 hours

after the duration, the transparent popup will appear and stay in the bottom-right until hidden. perhaps also a sound?

Can make new schedules with command:
schedule blah blah

which will then bring up a window to allow further customization such as frequency, alarms X mins/hours before scheduled time, etc

Can make reminders with command:
reminder tell humanized how great enso is

this will remind you your note at a set frequency (daily, at certain times, at startup, etc) via the transparent dialog and stay in the bottom-right until it is hidden.

The dictionary is great, but I’d love a thesaurus. I often find I must stop what I’m writing in Word or email, go to, wait for it to load, enter my word, etc. An Enso thesaurus product would likely be much quick and more convenient.

I apologize for the broken “Install all beta products” link. It should be fixed now.

Tiffany, there is a thesaurus command in Enso Words. (Since we changed it to use, though, the dictionary and thesaurus commands do the same thing, since they open a page which contains both.)

great product

u really need to implement the URL command as someone else has suggested earlier

ie URL
to come here

else we’d have to save all webpages we go to as commands
and thats just way too long

Suggestion to improve Enso WebSearchAnywhere and MapAnywhere :

When several lines of text are selected, Enso should replace automatically [br], [p] and all newLine characters by a simple space character.

And for the google-map command, it should automatically replace all newline characters by 1 comma + 1 space (and several spaces or tabs by one space). E.g.:
    Office de Tourisme Paris
    25, Rue des Pyramides
    75001 Paris, France

is treated as :
    Office de Tourisme Paris, 25, Rue des Pyramides, 75001 Paris, France

I’d like to see a Wikipedia search like the google search, or at least customisable commands which can use arguments sent by Enso, allowing some freedom.

and the ability to perform multiple commands with one line, and keystrokes.

i put a shortcut to “Show Desktop” in the Learned folder, however I think Enso should be more intelligent and not require “open…” to preceed the shortcut.

as feedback, i found that holding down Capslock made it difficult to type efficiently. i have instead mapped it to Right Ctrl (almost never used).

overall, i find enso showing stuff i don’t want it to show. most of my programs are accessible with 2 mouse movements and 2 clicks… my hand is more often on the mouse than on the keyboard, making Enso counterproductive imo.

i like the interface appearance

wow! really appreciate your great work!!!

my email address tells it all
A mac Version soon ?

I wasn’t able to try out Enso at the kiosk where I’d downloaded it, but I had a look at it once I got home, and I’m much impressed.
I’d like to see a few new features:
1. GNU/Linux support, especially for Ubuntu (Now, when I boot into Linux, I miss Enso sorely.)
2. _Pie menus and a mouse interface_
3. If it can be elegantly done, an utility that replaces the OS’s linear menus with pie menus.
4. Ability to perform several tasks with one command (e.g. opening several related windows side-by side) without needing to write batch or shell scripts.
5. Ability to execute typed python statements in Enso (i.e. “python math.log( 10000 )” with the result displayed as a transparent message)

A couple of things from the top of my wish list:

Enso could be the ultimate version control software for a non-IT person. Whatever you do, select something (a file, text, picture etc) and type something (”check in” or “remember this”). And if you want to get an old version back, just type something in the same place (like “check out” or “get back …”). It could work for any program and any type of activity, just as Enso generally does.

Also, it could be a kind of citation manager that has been a problem for many years. Google Scholar already outputs bibtex etc, so it should not be impossible to create perfect “cite …” and “reference list” commands.

Finally, it seems that by including speech-to-text plug in, Enso could be very easily voice-controlled.

Keep up with the great work!

Nice site ;)


I find Enso Launcher a very useful and time saving piece of software. Unfortunately, though it is said in the documentation (and can be seen on demo videos across the site’s pages), EL does not see all open tabs in Firefox (ver When i use the ‘Go’ command i get only the active tab in the list, the rest isn’t simply there.

As a student, using this program is FANASTIC! It is great to be able to open andy programs and windows with a single click of the keyboard. But i would personally like Enso products to be able to open specific files, such as word belonging to my coursework. E.g. “open test tube analysis” - which could be the name of one word doc in my computer files!

I am working with a Swedish keyboard and my system is based on the swedish language. This means i have to use ä å ö a lot to browse to system functions. The commands are there but the letters aren’t recognised when i type them. It would be great if the system would work more like my nav system, where i type an A and it doesn’t delete all options with ä or å from the list.

I like the calculate command.
but I’m missing one thing with it.

Sometimes I like to quickly calculate a price without having it already on the screen.
To do this with enso:
1. open some app where I can write in (Outlook note, Opera notes, browser adress bar etc.) this involves more or less user actions.
2. write the calc function e.g. 100*1,19 (german VAT)
3. select it with mouse or keyboard
4. enter enso calc comand
5. close app or delete note

Or do it without enso and press
1. win+r ->
2. calc ->
3. 100*1,19
4. close calc

I think this could be much simpler.
1. enter calc command
2. if nothing is selected provide a text input field to the user (I know you don’t like dialogue boxes ;-) )

this could be down with several other enso commands ….

By the way keep up the good work.

P.s.: will the development on enso be stopped because you are now mozilla staff or will it continue?

uppps… in my previous post I used severall times but it is not shown… sorry.

reine dedeurwaerder
January 23rd, 2008 2:13 am

ferging nobody (but one!) said: LINUX LINUXLINUX LINUX, and i mean targz + .deb!!!!!!!!!!!

You should allow for users to create their own command lines.

A good feature would be like the open command but for the browser.

Example: browse google
(would look up in the bookmarks and open the URL nearest match showing suggestions as the open command)

this could be a bug for the launcher. each time after i use the “quit” command to end excel 2007, enso will not work any more.

Some suggestions for Enso:
kill - hard kill focused program (or specified program)
unlearn/relearn existing programs
wiki - don’t use locale wikipedia, but specified (useful for less complete editions like the nn one)

show result of operations on-screen/transparent when buffer is not editable:
- translating
- spellcheck (with better edit options, the current one is not so nice)
- calculate

- gaute

Aliases would be good…I used to use a program called ‘launchy’ in which i could type ‘f’ and it would open FireFox immediately. With enso it’s caps,o,enter,F

Though there’s not much difference with stuff like quick launch milliseconds are of the essence!

Having said that, enso offers a million more features than launchy…i guess everything comes at a cost

Linux, please.

is there a math program?

ooops sorry. Calc. I was not clever enough and tried “add” and “multiply”. I’ll have to practice this.

Something to manage multiple language input in Windows would be much appreciated.

The current mode of Left Alt+Shift to switch languages is easy but when having to type multilingual text it can get easily confusing, forcing mode errors.

i want to be able to highlight something and then use the “open” command in enso 2.0 to launch it. that way when i’m in a readme, i can launch it without typing in a long web address.

i want enso to access my firefox saved data, so that it can auto complete my webpages when i try to open a “www.” minimally, i want to be able to delete things i have entered that were mistypes within enso’s open function.

a way to open weblinks on the web when i am surfing would be awesome. maybe an application called “link?”

lastly of all, i want LEAP! please, dont leave me another day without leap. my life is empty without it. minimally, a search program would be nice (so that i wouldnt have to use ctl+f), but leap would be so much nicer! i know it wont be able to leap anywhere, like in archy, but it would be a start.

Vista: Integrating desktop search
Alternative: possibility to search in e-mail by Enso.

Speech-to-text would make this an awesome!
*dreaming* …it would be incredibly time saving… */dreaming*

James, you can already show the desktop by pressing windows key + m

A really nice feature that it would be cool to have, is mouse gestures.

Just like Mouse gestures for FireFox or Opera, I surely have wanted a feature like that, for the rest of my OS for a long time.

in firefox, the flash “see all ensa betas” link does not work when clicked on, but it does in internet explorer (i have no idea how to find the version in vista).

mads–search strokeit, which will give you mouse gestures for the rest of your operating system.

This is a suggestion for a new product (although you could, maybe, squeeze it in some of the existing ones).
With the big (19″+) monitors, you often want to have several windows open. But it’s very annoying to always position and resize those windows. Also, you often work with the same combination of programs.
It would be very nice if you had some kind of “desktop layout templates”. Think of them as of HTML frames - you define placeholders and then load windows into them.
So, if you use your computer for work, you would open, for instance, your IDE, database manager and server console in the defined template. You stop working and open movie player and Skype and something into the other template.

It seems to me that you’re the perfect company to send this wish to (I sent it to KDE also, but no one answered)… Any opinions?

heh.. that “Solution:” header should have been placed one paragraph above…

this looks really awesome, and I tried to online developer preview
is there going to be a mac version?
remember, if you want to make a linux version, it could run on a mac through X11

I’ve reinstalled the Enzo Beta (from the classic due to reinstallation of XP).

Now I see you have tackled the ÅÄÖ and other special characters problem.
One thing, might be a transitional thing, is that I’m used to write the command in one go (which is faster, e.g. writting “open moz”).
I can’t do that with the new style.

As far as I can see the character after the command isn’t used? Couldn’t they be re-inserted into the new “pop-up” prompt if I enter them with the command. Say “open moz” would bring up a prompt with “moz” already filled in.
That way I get both of two worlds (which you guys probably have a very reasonable reason why it’s a bad thing :-D)

Anyway just a though.

Keep up you excitingly fresh work!!!
/M.J. Caboose

integration with a version control software would be great

There is a function that I have been looking for for a while.
It may be beneficial in your program Enso Words. (When it is running in the background, it could be keeping an eye on the state of the Capslock key)
I would like noises (clicks or something), to alert me whenever I type with the Capslock key on.
This is to alert me that I am typing in capitals, when I don’t intend to.
The noise should be noticeable, but not obnoxious, for the times when I intend to type in uppercase.


Hey there Humanized,

I just wanted to tell you how much being able to translate things into ‘pirate’ makes my life more amusing. Thank you for having such a HUMAN sense of humor!

i find an inconsistency in the program, which might violate some of the humane principles that guide the project.

when i use the open command, it auto completes to the first suggestion, but when i use the google comman, it does not auto complete to the first suggestion. this means one command does not behave as the other, meaning i have to learn two different ways of reacting with the interface.

i do not know how to rectify this, as auto completing google searches might complicate things.

i have been having trouble adapting to this difference, even though it is simple. i keep expecting google to auto complete to its suggestions and it does not, as open does, go does, and indeed caps lock does when invoking commands.

I’m getting an odd crash, just started hapening:

1. I start Enso
2. I hit caps lock and type a command (I have the full modal option turned on)
3. The command works
4. I try again, but this time, nothing pops up in the corner of my screen. also, nothing happens, even if I type a legit command
5. Nothing on the system tray context menu does anything, even exit

The odd thing is that the key capturing behavior still works when it’s crashed; when typing in notepad, capslock stops sending keystrokes to notepad and enter starts them up again.

I’m running all of the beta products except for 2.0.

Actually, it’s specifically the pause command that crashes it; other commands seem to work as expected

learning which commands you use most would be useful, and put them top, for instance if theres a command that you use rarely, but is always on top it is very annoying

There is a thing on Google Maps, and on other sites I would like to see : the possibility to place 2 dots and see the distance between them, whatever the scale of the map.

It could be useful in order to know how long i will walk once outside the subway for example !

How about a comand to lock the desktop?

Linux support would be nice.

Since Twitter is about letting people know what you are doing, it would be cool to be able to do it regardless of what app I am using.

Do you think you could add the ability to send a Twitter message?

Better yet. Could you make Enso communicate with

About the aforementioned pie menus, why not use a letter representing each choice instead of using the mouse or arrow keys? That way you could be “information efficient” without having to memorize commands or taking your hand off the keyboard. The branching factor should be kept at a managable level though, say, no more than 7 choices per node, or maybe just 5.

Something similar would also work with the suggestion list.

The way it works now is when I type “o[enter]a” I get a suggestion list of things containing an ‘a’. I can type more letters to get better suggestions, but I have to use the arrow keys to scroll to one I like.

It would be easier if I could just choose one from the list instantly:

I hold [capslock], type “o[enter]a”, I get:
(a) open faq
(b) open java
(c) open email
(d) open paint
(e) open hearts

Now when I release [capslock] with a valid suggestion list Enso would stay. I can still hit [enter] to chose the default and close Enso (this is what releasing [capslock] did before) or I can hold [capslock] again to type more letters for a better list.

But now I can hit a letter to open that item and close Enso (with the above list “d” to open paint, or “e” to open hearts, etc).

This is more “information efficient” than hitting the down arrow until I get what I want, or typing lots more letters in similar names until I get to a letter that’s different.

To cancel after releasing [capslock], I could hit [Esc], or bump the mouse, or hold [capslock] again and mash the keyboard till there’s no valid list, then release [capslock].

What do you think?

I’d like a “run” command in place of “open run…” (You can’t type a slash without using shift, but you CAN type a backslash!) This would, of course, do the same thing as the run dialog box.

It would be nice if the “go” command also displayed the window/tab icon in the suggestion list in front of the name.

Is it possible to have some kind of “learn as open with” command?

Highlight the file, type the command, select the application to open with (the same way as the “open with” command), then Enso would pop up a box (in the corner) asking for the new name to remember it by.

Your article, Transparent Messages, also explains their problem: they disappear too easily! That’s something I found annoying about Enso. Sometimes I actually wanted to read a message before I dismissed it accidentally.

The article also proposed a solution: a message log. That would be a great solution if it reliably catches all the messages and the user knows where to find it!

I looked. I couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s not implemented yet?

The “put” only works after a calculation? There’s so much more you could do with this! Enso can already “cut”, “copy” and “paste”, but it could be so much more!

Enso could have a great clipboard replacement utility. If you had a commands like “cut as” or “copy as” (some name) you could store the cilpboard contents to a name. Then you could type “paste as”. That would bring up a suggestion list of some names of clips you’ve stored, with little previews of what’s stored in them.

You select which one just like with the other commands, then release [capslock] to paste it.

Please add an additional command that shows details about the currently played song, e.g. “current song” or “song details”.

Great products, thanks!

Things to help with PhotoShop, Visio, UML modeling would be great! I also like the Outlook suggestions above.

For the Media Remote Control, supporting more genres and playlists PLAY PLAYLIST would be useful

Great work guys!

The installer is great. No interaction, doesn’t ask me a dozen questions and closes itself. Only improvement would be to have it delete the installer files when it is finished so i don’t have to remove them myself

Great product, I love it.

One feature I would like to see added is ‘Enso Note’. Press ‘Caps Lock’ and type ‘note’ to see all of your notes (.txt and.html in your Enso folder). Then click ‘Enter’ to select the note you want. If it’s a list with passwords, simply move down to the password you need and click ‘Enter’ again to copy it to the clipboard (if you format the text file with tags like [username]Joe, Enso Notes will be smart enough to copy just ‘Joe’). You can use the same engine for contacts (sync with Gmail, obviously).

I would also like to add my support for the ‘alarm’ feature. Simply typing ‘alarm’ ‘12:00 meet with Susan’ would be ideal!

And furthermore, I think the ‘open’ step of the beta 2 is too cumbersome. Why not create a quickstep by clicking (yes, I do not use a sticky key) Caps twice for default-to-open?

Another feature I’d like to see is a ‘Recent’ or ‘Favourite’ item, where, say, the last ten or twenty items, or the most recently used commands are listed (sorted by frequency, of course). When you press Caps twice to quickly get to the open dialog, a list pops up at the bottom of the input field with the ten favourite picks, which you can select by pressing tab. In this separate field, you can then use the keyboard to quickly select the item you want: ‘r’ gets you to ‘remote desktop’ for instance. In fact, when you press ‘Caps-Tab’ the list pops up immediately, and when you let go of ‘Tab’ the selected item is opened automatically.

I love Enso and have used for a long time. Enso map does not work for me. If I type a restaurant name in an emai. highlight it, and give the map command, I get the Champs Elysees…weird.. I gues I don’t know how to use it.

i would really like a word processing batch of programs for enso . i’m thinking save, save as, bold, italic, change font to, double space, single space, 1.5 space, print….

I think Enso Lancher should use information which already exist in the system. For example, windows has rich context menu information. I would like Enso to notice that the current active window is an Explorer and that I’m selecting a rar file and give the command extract by looking in Windows context menu information.
That way we can use the information already put in by any application installed on your machine.

OK, I have an idea for a product. Some sort of HTML and JavaScript validator or tool that helps with writing HTML / JavaScript. Just a thought!

I find Enso launcher very helpful and am about to suggest it to all members in my company.

I think that a “web” command should be used as kind of “go on the web and search for/ go to…”. In terms of mental model, browsing on the internet is completely different type of action than opening a file or a folder. The folder is local, the web is outside. This would also enable to avoid problems with duplicated names: what if I want to open the main page of my client’s site rather than a folder on my computer where I store the work I am preparing for them? “Network” also could be used to browse the folders within the main server within the organization

Karsten Skov
May 9th, 2008 8:44 am

I love this thing (ENSO Launcher) ! It would be nice with a command “tasklist”, viewing list of programs you’ve started, as an supplement to “open”

Shelby Munsch
May 13th, 2008 10:15 pm

I was reading all the items above, and noticed something missing. Instant Messaging is mentioned a couple of times, but only shortly. Why not embed an instant messaging client in Enso?
Enso is basically a on-demand command line, so why not take an open-source command-line IM client (I’m thinking bsflite here, but depending on your C skills, finding a py one may be better) and add things like “r[message]” to reply to the most recent person or “m[username] [message]”
There could also be a “buddy list” command or something similar…

linux, please…

It still saddens me that there is no way to define your own search engine. i mean, Internet explorer will let you do this now. fire fox is a little harder needing a plugin for each search engine but seriously, let us type in the url of a search engine with a delimiter for where kewords go and store it as a search, please.

3 things I would love to see:
1. A better copy and paste functionality - similar to other products out there, where you have multipple clipboards for copy and pasting.
eg anything typed after copy or paste would correspond to that clipboards handler, so
copy 1
would copy the selected file or text into clipboard named “1″, and
paste 1
would paste that text out.
Then functionality to something like
paste 1 into file.txt
to write the contents of clipboard 1 to file.txt

2. Support for MediaMonkey with the media remote control

3. Integration of map and tex with MSN messenger. I’m not sure how possible this is - I know you can CTRL-V a image stored in the clipboard into MSN, which is then offered as a jpeg to transfer to the other person.

While here, like to report a bug: if you put a shortcut to a folder inside your All Programs, Enso will loop through it recursively looking for shortcuts - when I placed a shortcut to a root folder of a network drive, it near froze the computer.

They’re good as they are. They just crash a lot. Get rid of the bugs and they’d be fine.

Love TeX especially. Although wouldn’t mind live TeX stuff that I can type in as well as hilight and convert.

It’d be great if there was a “define” or definition command, to save me the trouble of having to go to so often.

Wonderful and inspiring UI, Well done. Enso Rocks.

linux please!

>UK English (replace those Z’s with S’s)
>Skip to 0:00 (for songs and video)
>Open (msn) Chat with: User
>Show Desktop/Hide all (though I guess this can be added manually)
>Open programs from the task bar like MSN and Steam without loading them again would be nice.

Very good so far. Cheers.

thinking of the launcher 2.0 beta — it’s be nice to have keyboard shortcuts for next/previous that didn’t require leaving home row; I’d suggest ctrl-n/ctrl-p a la emacs

I’m using the media control for Real Rhapsody, and I noticed that using “next track” skips ahead about 10 tracks. Is that intentional? You need to use “next track” then “previous track” to get to the actual next track.

Other than that, first impressions are great.

initial reaction: enso is cool.
i’m such a keyboard nut anyway, i setup my Start menu so i can access all my frequently used apps in just 2 or 3 keystrokes.

this is kind of a nit… but i expected just tapping the capslock key would toggle capslock on and off. having to hold capslock and typing “cap[down arrow]” seems annoying.

thanks for this interesting new tool. can’t wait to see what others you guys come up with.

What would be cool For Enso Media Remote: The ability to view album artwork with an “artwork” command.

Rating songs in iTunes with a “rate” command.

Enso is great!

up to now I love all your products, and I am already used to them, I tried many launchers before and this is definetely the best by far. I would love to have an Enso Calendar, with an alarm notification option. I’ve been looking for this kind of product but I haven’t succeed.
Thank u,

Yes, please do a version for linux. I use Enso at work and I miss it when I get home :-)

Linux version would be great

a function I absolutely miss currently, and is something maybe woth while putting into Enso is “call”. When selecting a number in any document, i’d like to tell Enso to use my telephone and call this number. too hard? I don’t know… Would I use it? Definitely!

Yet another request for Linux. Please.

The download for the non-beta apps do not exist. The all beta apps download is not accessible, the 2.0 launcher is downloadable, the dev prototype is not available, the map anywhere is not available, and that is when I stopped trying to download things. I do not suppose these could be fixed?


None of the Download links work. The Launcher link in the Lab (2.0 prototype 0.1.1) downloads an exe to my machine that aborts in the middle of the install and asks me to pull a fresh file from your website….


The interface is kind of getting less than optimal.


Guys… all links are broken….


You don’t have permission to access /enso/beta/resources/all/InstallAllBetaProducts.exe on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Apache/2.0.54 Server at Port 80

The download links to the beta products are not working for me as well. I really like Enso, it really do make things easier for me on the computer.

Thanks to all who made Enso possible. ==p

Im getting the exact same thing and i would really love to put on some of the beta products that currently dont work

[…] You can either download Words as an addition to Enso Launcher, or download all Enso beta apps in a single package. They all run through the same […]

Add-to-calendar functionality! Google calendar, especially. I could see this working either:
1) to pull data from a selection (e.g. “hearing on September 16, 2008 at 1:30 p.m. in Room 4202 “), or
2) as something typed into the Enso bar (which would be more useful if I wanted to add something not already typed, but less useful for something already in text format).

Both options would be best.

map prototype does not correctly grab data from google chrome’s html fields.

yet another linux request ;o pleeease

Wiki doesnt go to :(

Translate from –>Language

You might want to look at Google tool bar custom button API
A very high level functionality would be similar to your map function, but working with any button the user has named

Having an issue with the Enso Media Remote Control, when iTunes is opened and I begin to enter a command (eg “play track”) Enso immediately crashes and reopens.

foobar2000 and winamp 10 don’t have this issue, but also lack the functionality of iTunes (”play artist/song/genre”)

Any ideas as to what’s causing this and if and when it will be addressed?

[…] only listing half of the extensions they have available. If you sit infront of a computer the majority of your day, do yourself a favor. There’s a lot […]

todo-list with time recording

new projectname
start | stop projectname
show projectname
save projectname file.csv
end projectname

without “projectname” it starts/stops/shows/saves all projects


the only problem i have encountered with enso (beta) is that switching to tabs inside firefox via the go command doesnt seem to work, as other users have already pointed out. i am using firefox 3.0.3 on xp sp3. also full foobar2000 support for media remote control would be cool :)

keep up the good work!

[…] os outros produtos beta da família, que funcionam como addons, o Enso passa a ser capaz de fazer traduções, […]

Linux my enso friends! LINUX!!!

enso is really great!
another useful feature would perhaps be something for searching synonyms

[Make a mistake in the email address and EVERYTHING YOU TYPED IS LOST????]

Phaedron Ennius
January 18th, 2009 9:32 am

I haven’t tried Enso and I don’t believe I ever will - after reading with incredulity the means of activating it.

Correct me if I’m wrong but to use the program you first have to take a reasonably-sized machete and lop off your left hand - and then type commands into Enso with your remaining hand. Huh?

Do I believe what I read? Remove one of your hands granted by the Almighty from the field of play - then carry on with your use of the computer. Ha! Back to hunt & peck. Am I crazy or is someone playing a very silly joke? It’s a very expensive website for such games.

To bob, for Caps sounds: find FirstCap.


Good work, but what with Linux version ??

I love this! I use it on my windows installations all the time. but I miss it sorely on Linux. Gnome-do is a fair replacement, but I love the modal caps-lock.
Linux please :)

Hey, my suggestion is obvious, and probably already suggested: Voice Commands!

I would like to be able to hold Caps Lock and saying a command instead of talking.

The problem with windows Vista voice commands feature is that it is hard to switch between active and deactive mode. Sometimes I talk to someone near my desk and it starts doing unwanted stuff….

By the way… good job! Enso is very elegant.

To Phaedron Ennius:

I thought the same thing about “losing” my left hand to use Enso. However, I was suprised at how easy it is to use the remaining 4 fingers on my left hand while my pinky was is holding the capslock key. I was also concerned about the extra effort required to turn on capslock. Then I discovered how seldom I turn on capslock.

I would suggest installing it and giving it a try. For me, the benefits greatly outweigh the “loss” of my pinky when entering commands using Enso.

Glad to see Enso is still alive after all these years.

One request, Google Chrome support. Currently Enso does not acknowledge text or items selected within Google Chrome.

Keep up the good work.

There should be a search option, like you type command search and then what you want to search and then it takes you to google with the search results, without having to open all those windows.

There is a “sticky” option available for those of you with smaller or less flexible hands. This allows you to just hit capslock once and then enter your command, so your left hand isn’t out of commission.

All in all, cool product, I look forward to seeing how it evolves!

ps - after reentering this text twice I can’t help but feel that Wordpress needs to ease up on its “enter all fields or die” policy.

What happened to the Enso 2 Beta? I loved using it and one day recently it just stopped working and my install had reverted back to the old Enso. I’ve tried downloading the Developer installer file again, multiple times, but it can’t connect to the welcome webpage for the Developer Beta and Enso Launcher itself is still version 1. I can’t go back to Version 1 after experiencing the great functionality of Version 2, when can we expect it back?

Hello. The enso software is one of the best applications ever,
but :

The enso words gives the spell check function only for English. There are lots of people working not only on English, like me. The Enso Translate helps, but it can’t translate from, for example, Russian is word is mispelled.

It would be grate is i could tell enso the language i am writing on and it will do a spell check for this language.

Thanks a lot for enso ))

Sometimes you type while you think you’re typing French, or Russian, or whatever, and actually it’s in a different language, and you get garbage. It would be great if you could select the garbage and choose “convert form Russian to English”.

I just now installed Enso Launcher. However I’m not able to bring up the launcher by pressing the Caps-Lock key. Also I cannot see the Enso icon on the system tray. Please help.

ENSO Convert Anywhere?

I didn’t read all the suggestions already made, but how about a converter that converts standard [metric/English units [for the geeks] plus common household units [like Lbs, Oz, Grams etc.. for the rest of us] and other conversions like international monies, stock symbol look up, roman numerals, Morse code, pig Latin [fun for the kids or the kid in us], et al.

I’m already looking forward to this one!

May 12th, 2009 2:07 am

1 is there any language package i speak in spanish and french mainly
2 i have problems when i am creating aplication cause i cant use the caps lock, the software should know when you want to use the aplication or when to use it, for example in the time you keep pressing it, that way wont be unconfortable as it is now.

Because you seem like a sympathetic bunch to me I think you guys are the right people to start developing what I consider as the new revolution in modern computing.
There is allready a slight indication in the direction I mean called Quickstart on netbooks, but this is still way tooo slow.
What we need is a bios that starts ( from an SD card or a USB stick ) an app, no linux, windows, OSx whatsoever, just a browser that finds the connections itself .
Should start within 1 to 2 seconds.
No expensive hardware needed, Within 1 - 2 years we will do everithing online.
And for the heavy apps we will probably use some dedicated hard/software combinations.
( this is also why I , as a graphic artist, start to disbelieve the credibillity of Adobe and the likes with ideas like AIR. This is a completely old fashioned idea.)


Enso for Ubuntu Linux please!

When using top open bookmarks by name with both IE and Firefox installed I have firefox as my default browser but launcher is pulling the names from my IE bookmarks , when I open they open in Firefox correctly, but it should really be using my default brower as the source for its bookmarks

I love these products and they are totally useful. But the map Beta does not display a correct map i only get a colored screen with a target in the middle no details whatsoever. Work on i still love these

[…] went for the full beta install which gave me all of the Enso functionality currently available in one package which includes the […]

[…] 2 (????????? ?? ?????? ???????? ???????? ????????? ??? […]

[…] 2 (????????? ?? ?????? ???????? ???????? ????????? ??? […]

Thank’s so much for all your products I really like your style

Great product concept. Are you guys still in business? or, have you abandoned the project?

Hi guys, I love your product and i have a few ideas what could be nice to create if possible of course.
1. would be a measurement and weight converter, from metric to imperial and other way around.
2. of course no one likes to type the full sentence to get some where, for example type Google enso. so you have to type the entire Google witch does not make sense, instead maybe type first the word you are looking for then start typing Google and of course would show up. Or if this is not possible maybe type the beginning of an word, then use arrow right to finish the showing word, and keep on typing
3. This one I think it’s the most tricky, to be able to set-up let’s say your face book account in enso trough commands, then when ever you feel like, just send a post on facebook, so again no need to log in and all that stuff, and you don’t even need to stop what you are doing. Of course the same for some major socializing sites.

I think this is all I have for now… I will come back with some more ideas. this product is indeed very nice.

Thank you for your work

[…] lanzadores hasta el momento. Veremos cómo se desarrolla. Enlace | Humanized > Enso Enlace | Enso Beta Products (Lista de funciones disponibles) //Create your sharelet with desired properties and set button element to false var […]

Adding more options would be good. Changing the look of enso would be quite important, as would editing or deleting commands you’ve made.
You may even want to disable something that isn’t working out for you.

Good work though, I’m glad I came across enso :)

…Also, would a portable version be feasible?
It sure as hell would be useful!

QI1KGY Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?

I would enjoy seeing an Enso plugin that fires up PuTTY by saved-session. I.e. “OPEN PUTTY userid@server”

Why are all of these commands separated into different downloads? It makes it extremely annoying to try them all out. Why can’t all of the functionality be available in one package?

Done ENSO not work on specific processors? I just installed it at work and it works fine.

I am trying to install it on my AMD Athlon 3800+ (64-bit) processor and nothing happens.

It seems to install… but running ENSO doesn’t absolutely nothing.I tried downloading the All in One Beta and the individual programs, but all give the same problem, I don’t see anything when I try to start “Humanized Enso”…

Guys, betas are great! I use Enso launcher and spellchecker for several years now and love it very much.

It would be great if you could make a new version that works better with Windows 7: stuff like launching Windows components works good in XP but doesn’t work in 7.

I saw in the enso demo that you were working with editing graphics via Enso. Release the beta for this, I want to try this.

Aseem Chiplonkar
July 28th, 2010 10:58 pm

Few comments related to website and products!

1] Recently when navigating from home page to any other page on the website on Chrome, it shows “Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!” dialog !

2] I use ENSO launcher, I love it, but it fails to open from some of the programs.
I have CapsLock set as my launch key to launch enso launcher. However, when using Visual studio / Eclipse IDE, I noticed that the launch key fails to launche ENSO. It just toggles the caps lock on the keyboard.

Aseem Chiplonkar

I learned about this site and the Enso product from the GoogleTechTalks video “Don’t Make Me Click” and realized that this is a brilliant way of increasing productivity.
I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved in making this program. I hope you continue it’s development.

In my testing/using it, I stumbled upon a bug:
If I have any form of media (audio/video) open in Media Player Classic and I initiate any command which requires additional input (such as “open” or “learn as open”) MPC closes the media and reverts to as if I had simply opened the MPC program without playing anything.
This action only occurs when MPC is the currently selected window.

additional note:
I also found that the UI still functions, but is not visible, if I hover my mouse over the “Show desktop” button on the task bar in W7 while I attempt to utilize a command.

Details of my system:
W7 Home-Premium x64
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 5.6.1
MPC (unicode build) v6.4.9.1 (rev 106)

Thank you,
Daniel C. Nolan

How about being able to double tap the caps lock to be able to lock the Enzo Words list thingy

How about an aggregation of commands.. If I enter work in the morning, I could type open work and then go grab a coffee, since Enso will open my outlook, some work website and the IDE I am using daily.

Thanks already for such a nice product. I have been playing with this only for a couple of hours, but I think it will come in handy soon.

Hey love this software. Seriously, it rocks.
Two things though- Enso launcher should be able to search your computer (that way you could find files easily and it could find executables so you don’t have to learn it)
Also, it would be awesome if we could choose a color scheme in preferences. Maybe fonts too?
Green really doesn’t look that great in my minimalist grey and white theme.

But yeah, sick software. I love it.

This is Coooooooooooollllllllll

so i know none of this is going to happen, but we ought to be able to open web addresses.

and type them simply too, like say, we type


or even open hypebeast

and if it isn’t a command, it opens the first google search result for that.

I seem to be having problems using the translate function.

It gives me “Sorry I wasn’t able to translate that“.

I installed the “all in one ” beta pack.

Looks very nice. It would also be great to see Linux support in the near future.

You will probably find many more Linux users interested in this, mainly because of the philosophy that most Linux users have - simplifying and automatising their own tasks.
Also, a Linux userbase would probably be useful in helping you solve any problems you might have, and have some good ideas on what more to implement (and even how to do it).

Cheers :)

Daniel Ferguson
August 6th, 2011 5:15 am

So sad that Enso is no longer being developed… It’s such a fantastic program; I use it everyday.

go (website here) or goto (website)

[…] un programa desarrollado por Humanized para Windows equivalente al Quicksilver de Mac, que se puede descargar gratuita y libremente en un paquete completo o por módulos. Una vez instalado puede configurarse intuitivamente mediante […]

I am unable to get Enso to work while running Windows 7 (32-Bit). Any advice? Any chance there is going to be an update out sometime soon that would work with Windows 7?

@Other Ben: Unfortunately, they closed up shop a while ago. I am currently running Enso on Windows 7 without any problems. Your best bet is probably to un-install and re-install Enso, as I can’t offer more specific technical advice without more technical details.

Oh, that kinda sucks. what happened? I am running this on Windows 7 64bit and was wondering if Translate Anywhere still works. This feature is pretty darn sick. If only they’d release the source code, eh?

This is a great product… Great enough that I am willing to pay for it !!!, I think it would be great If we could go to a specific TAB when we are in a browser like Firefox or Chrome, etc…

Could be so cool if Enso would be open source, or at least if somebody wanted to develop it a bit more. It’s my favorite program, and it seems like there is so much nice work behind.
Praying for somebody to save the program, by fixing a few bugs and adding some of the suggestions on this forum : )


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