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Enso 2.0 Launcher Prototype

Get ready. Flex your pinkie finger. Here’s the Enso 2.0 Launcher prototype. It runs on top of the free Enso Launcher, so all you have to do is download this prototype, install, and try it out. You’ll get some new features, several improved commands, and (of course) all of your old commands will still work. If you haven’t been following our weblog, you might want to read about the motivation behind this design, and our explanation of the design.

What’s In The Prototype?

Open has a lot of new tricks. It splits the argument off from the command name, making it possible to do all kinds of things. It uses a new autocomplete system, so you can type whatever you remember. It can open URLs and paths. It remembers what you’ve opened in the past, and makes suggestions appropriately. You can even browse through the your hard drive using tab-completion (actually, we picked “shift-enter” for these completions — we’re still experimenting).

Joining the improved open command are several other new-style commands, including open with and calculate. And the google command now provides as-you-type suggestions for your search term. It works great for quickly checking the spelling of those hard-to-sound-out Russian composers.

What’s Not In The Prototype?

There’s a lot of odds-and-ends that didn’t make it into the prototype. Things like being able to use Ctrl-V inside of the Enso entry area. For these not-yet-implemented features, the prototype displays transparent messages letting you know that the feature would work, if only this wasn’t a prototype. As for the larger stuff: The visuals aren’t up to speed yet, we haven’t revamped the quasimodal portion of Enso, and not all of the commands have been ported.

Enjoy! And let us know what you think.

Keeping Up-To-Date

Check back often to make sure that you are up-to-date, or Get updates via RSS. To update a beta product simply download the installer and install. Enso will take care of the rest.

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Enso 2.0 Launcher Prototype v0.1.1

A prototype of the direction we are thinking of taking Launcher in particular, and Enso in general.

Free for PC (Win2K, XP, Vista)
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Why Beta?

Humanized is committed to world-class customer support. Even people who don't love Enso love our support. This product is in beta, which means we can't guarantee full support. But that doesn't mean we won't try.

Help Us Improve

We need your help in making Enso 2.0 Launcher Prototype better.
Let us know what you find useful, what you find annoying, and what new things you'd like to see. Please read other people's comments, or leave your own. If you have general Enso Beta suggestions, share 'em.